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Mindset Reset

What does mindset have to do with our health and nutrition?


5 tips to help you reset your mindset!

  • Say NO to negativity. People who practice positivity look at difficult situations and see challenges to overcome instead of impossible situations. Break up the situation into smaller, more doable goals.


Instead of..."I want to eat better, but its overwhelming and I don't know where to start."

Try..."I will add more fruits and vegetables into my diet by eating fruit with my breakfast. I can also keep cut up ready to eat vegetables in the refrigerator that I can grab for snacks and lunch." OR "I will reach out for help because this is important to me."

  • Social media can make you eel good or bad. You get to control how it makes you feel.

STOP following any account that makes you feel bad about yourself, or you find you are comparing yourself to them in a negative way.

BEGIN to follow accounts that make you feel good about yourself. Accounts that promote acceptance, diversity in body types, beliefs, and ethnicities.

  • Be your own best friend! Let's look at the way we talk to ourselves. Would you be friends with yourself? Why or why not? Let's be our own best friend by changing the way we talk to ourself. This is one step toward loving yourself and being grateful for what you have.

For example: How can you change the following negative statement to be positive? "I hate to go shopping because I hate how I look in clothes. They never fit me right."

The more you practice this, the better you will feel about yourself.

  • FLIP THE SCRIPT. Has anyone ever said something to you that made you feel really bad about yourself? Often times this is actually a reflection of that person and not about you at all. You can not control what others think and do, and can only control how you react and think.

Here are some helpful questions to flip the script of something hurtful: What do you wish you said back to this person? How could you handle it differently in the future? How could you change their statement OR how you feel about their statement?

Thinking these questions through or writing it out in a journal can help take some power away from a hurtful statement. It will also help you feel better prepared for if there is a next time.

  • Last but not least, Reduce the amount of STRESS in your life any way that you can. Stress does so much damage to your body and mind over time.

Distance yourself from toxic people, learn to say no, look at your responsibility plate and see what can be done to reduce your stress.

Self-Care is so important here! Get enough sleep, exercise, find a hobby you enjoy, get a massage, yoga, and/or meditation. These are a few things you can do to help relieve stress.

There is only one you, take care and love yourself!

Kathy Voige MS, RDN, LDN, CHC

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